Dance With a Dragon

She earned her degrees and stuck them on the wall next to the vision board that perfectly modeled the flatness of her life so far.

If only she could pull that board off the wall and wrap it around her life. A bit of warm comfort to feel in the moment before setting out on the next journey. She thought how lovely it would be to live inside the vision board instead of simply looking at it.

“Silly girl, who said you can’t?”

Who said that?! She looked around. Such a positive voice came as a shock in her life of perpetual denial.

Where did it come from?

A small but cacophonous rattling shook the dollhouse behind her, and the tiniest of dragons tumbled out onto the floor.

“Oofah, silly girl, you’re in it already,” the wee dragon assured, “It’s all in the dance. You just haven’t felt it yet.”

He stretched his wings into a frame, and they danced away into her new magical reality, leaving the flatness of her old life to fade on the wall.

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